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EQUAL is a part of the European Employment strategy. The aims of the strategy are more and better jobs and a labour market open for all. Financed by the European Social Fund, EQUAL will develop and test new and innovative ideas and practise to combat discri-mination and inequality in relation to the labour market. This programme provides opportunities to pilot and assess new ideas and applications intended to influence employment and training policy and practise.
The priorities selected by Lithuania are:
  • The outcome of an analysis of inequality and discrimina-tion on the labour market.
  • Identification of national and EU employment policy priori-ties and consultation proce-dures.
Lithuania has proposed the following EQUAL themes:
Theme A
Facilitating access and return to the labour market for those who have difficulty in being integrated or reintegrated into a labour market which must be open to all.
Theme G
Reconciling family and professional life, as well as the re-integration of men and women who have left the labour market, by developing more flexible and effective forms of work organisation and support services.

The administration of EQUAL in Lithuania:

The sponsorship of Development Partnership - FAMILY UNIVERSE: Family-Friendly Organization: The assistance of European Social Fund will be 75 percent of eligible total expenditures within EQUAL. The share of the public national co-funding is 25 percent of eligible expenditures and consists of financial contributions from the national budget.

Development Partnership (DP) - FAMILY UNIVERSE: Family-Friendly Organization will last three years. The first action has ended on the 1st of June, 2005, on this initial stage National Partners have divided their responsibilities, narrowly planned the activities for the second action which will last till 31st of December, 2007, and carried out the Transnational Cooperation Agreement of Transnational DP "InGE - Integrating Gender Equality". The architects of the family - friendly university now will have to cope with the problems that they have faced entering the second action.

Goal of the project is: creating and testing innovative methodology and means for educational institutions and organizations, promoting family and career reconciliation, changing stereo-typical gender roles in the family and in the workplace in order to form family-friendly studies and work environment in Siauliai University.

Tasks of the project are:
defining the obstacles to family and career reconciliation in different types of educational institutions in Lithuania; analyzing stereotypical attitudes of students, managers, administrators, teaching and research staff in educational institutions towards gender roles in families and career, defining the need for family and career reconciliation in educational institutions, establishing criteria of family-friendly studies and workplace.

Target group(s):
1) young people, young students, who have families; young students, who plan to start families in the future, but do not have the skills of family and career reconciliation;
2) women, who study and work in educational institutions with the purpose to improving their position in the labour market and achieving gender equality.
Expected results:
  • The research will reveal the obstacles of family and career reconciliation in different educational institutions in Lithuania;
  • Methodological material of family and career reconciliation in educational institutions will be obtained;
  • Flexible work organization forms will be implemented;
  • Childcare services for the children of students and staff will be created and tested;
  • A childcare center will be established;
  • Employability of students with families and their family and career reconciliation will be improved;
  • Social, psychological and educational support, counseling and career planning services will be created and implemented.