- Social, psychological, juridical and educational counseling and career advice
These facilities are provided since October, 2005. The service is absolutely free for the community of Siauliai University. The employees and students are satisfied with the service provided and are usually concerned with successful career, problems at work, dismay before final exams, legitimation of devise, etc. The community of Siauliai University received 19 hours of psychological, 27 hours of juridical, 16 hours of medical counseling service and 18 hours of career advice. - The community of Siauliai University is being provided with the information about the government support and work privilege for families with children, the credits for students, the formation and registration of marriage contract.
- Child Care Centre
This centre was established on November 02, 2005. This center is intended for those academics, researchers, staff and students, who have children. Currently 21 family and 25 children are visiting centre. A lot of educational activities are offered for children.
- Mobile nannies-nurses and adjutants
This facility was provided since 2nd of October, 2006. The employees of university and students can call nanny for child care, housework and nursing. This facility is unpaid.
- Classes of distance studies. This year our Project established two distant education classes, study classes, which was provided with 24 computers. This unpaid facility can be used by university employees and students.