2007 09 21
Transnational conference and TDP "InGE – Integrating gendre Equality" meeting organized by Danish transnational partner, will be held on 24-28th of September, 2007, in Roskilde (Denmark). The purpose of transnational conference and TDP – transnational comparison of family and work reconciliation inovative metodology, final transnational report coordination, iliustration, quality evaluation of transnational colaboration.

2007 09 21
On 8-9th of November, 2007, in Vilnius will be held Transnational EQUAL Conference ‘GOOD PRACTICES CONSOLIDATION FOR GENDER EQUALITY’, organized by DP "FAMILY UNIVERSE: family-friendly-university" and with DP "MÁM (Women Employment Model)".

2007 09 21
With recommendation of Ministry of Social Security and Labor DP "Family universe: family friendly organization" with four other delegates was nominated to the Innovation and Mainstreaming Community of Practice, COP I&M, Great Britain. Our Project was recommended as having experience in this sphere.This is part of the work being done to look at the outcomes of Equal with a view to going forward into the 2007 -2013 ESF programs.

2007 06 11
On June 21-26th, 2007 transnational development partnership (TDP) InGE seminar "Gender mainstreaming strategies" and conference will take place in JAUME I university, Cstellon de la Plana, Spain. Transnational collaboration results and comparable practice will be disputed. Transnational partners will introduce short speech about each national Project valorization and the best good practices developed. Agenda of last meeting in Lithuania in autumn 2007 will be discussed.

2007 06 07
The 14th edition of Employment Week, the leading employment and social-affairs event of the year, will take place on 5-6 June 2007 in Brussels. The two-day conference and exhibition offers a great opportunity for practitioners and European decision-makers to connect and discuss the latest policies and trends in European employment, focusing on ‘Working Europe – creating more and better jobs’. Representatives of our DP will participate in Employment Week exhibition. The purpose is to get experience in order to participate in Employment Week 2008. Participation in exhibition gives an opportunity to make contact with European agencies and other public bodies, to discuss challenges and pin-point ideas, to share experiences with other practitioners, build relationships for the future. More information: http://www.employmentweek.com/index.asp?code=CNP&language=en       More...

2007 02 19
Transnational development partnership InGe meeting/seminar was held in Netherlands on 7-9th of February, 2007.
Coordinators of projects reported about progress of the projects. Transnational partners were primed with innovation of transnational partnership which was prepared by DP „FAMILY UNIVERSE: Family Friendly Organization“. Partners sustained our proposition to manage transnational conference on November 2007 in Lithuania, which would share good practices around EU. Was discussed and arranged structure of common article of Siauliai and Jaume I Universities.
Activities intended for 2007: European Employment Week in Brussels will be held on 5-6th of June; study visit in Spain, Castellon da Plata, Jaume I university will be held on 21-25th of June.

2005 12 12
Study visit in Lithuania
The fifth study visit of the TDP InGE will be held in Lithuania on May, 2006. The partners will discuss if “FAMILY UNIVERSE: Family-Friendly Organization” is becoming an agent which changes the culture of Siauliai University. Guests are planning to visit Fire service, institutions that prepare social workers and the first Child-care centre in the universities of Lithuania

2005 12 01
Study visit in Netherlands
The fourth meeting of the Transnational Development Partnership InGE – was held on November 15-19, 2005. Meeting took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Partners of all DPs have presented the updating of their projects and have shared a good experience of gender mainstreaming strategies in their own countries. Participant discussed work and family harmonization problems, gender studies and the practical implementation of them. Guests visited Fire Service Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Archives for the Women’s Movement. Finally it was agreed about the next study visit that will be held in Lithuania on May, 2006.

2005 09 07
The final version of Transnational Cooperation Agreement (TCA) was approved and signed by all DP’s on June 28, 2005.

2005 09 07
Spanish partners organize the 1st European conference “Professional Profiles and Studies for Equality Between Women and Men“. The conference will take place on September 15-17, 2005. The purpose of this event is to introduce the results of the first action of all four transnational partners. “FAMILY UNIVERSE: family-friendly organization” will be represented by five delegates.
Program of the conference

2005 08 31
"FAMILY UNIVERSE: family-friendly organization" was presented to the guest of Vilnius during The IV Congress of Lithuanian Woman. The Congress was held on the August 27, 2005. 2005-06-07 A financial support was given for the second action of Development Partnership (DP) - FAMILY UNIVERSE: Family-Friendly Organization.