All information about DP is supplied in EBDB database two times in a month from the 6th of March which contains information about the implemented EQUAL programs in all EU countries.
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EQUAL oblige to work in the transnational dimension. Together with the partners we have established Transnational Development Partnership (TDP) -InGE - Integrating Gender Equality. TDP is composed of:
  • Denmark - MpowerMen2Men;
  • Spain - IGUALDADER;
  • Lithuania - FAMILY UNIVERSE: Family-Friendly Organization;
  • Netherlands - Fire brigade From the Inside Out.

  • MpowerMen2Men - the Danish project is an experiment based on a practical and participatory approach to recruitment and retention of men in the care sector. It also sheds new light on the fighting of the gender-divided labour market. Mpowermen2men will develop examples of the new practice in the care sector which supports the EU health strategy on the active, independent and co-playing patient, client and citizen.

    IGUALDADER - the main aim of the Spanish project is to reduce men and women imbalance in domestic, private and public spheres, promoting demographic balance (depopulation/overpopulation) through the application of an Egalitarian Local Development Model (ELDM) which will promote integral measures by capacitating the key agents of each territory (politicians, social interlocutors, technical and expert staff) on gender mainstreaming criteria. This will guarantee that good practice is included in local and sectorial policies from the very beginning.
    Fire brigade From the Inside Out - the main objective of the DP is to achieve a cultural change at the fire service in The Netherlands which will lead to a breakthrough of horizontal en vertical segregation at the fire service. All fire brigades of The Netherlands will be involved in the project. In The Netherlands there are 500 fire brigades with 27.000 employees. Only 5% of the employees are women and only 3% are from ethnical minorities.
    The common objectives of the TDP:
    - To exchange material and knowledge on equal opportunities, work-family balance methodology, gender studies and professional profiles and on strategies for reducing horizontal and vertical segregation in the countries involved;
    - To exchange and develop common strategies of gender mainstreaming models in organisations in order to achieve more diversity in organisations;
    - To disseminate project results to a broader audience in the countries involved;
    - To exchange, develop and mainstream strategies to influence policy.

    Transnational developing partnership - Integrating Gender Equality